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we are who we become...

Indie pop female force GLITTER is unique in her musical approach: a powerful, bright voice, accompanied by yummy pop melodies, edgy guitars and slice of life lyrics. Also a lefty guitarist, Glitter has been a songwriter since age 12, and has performed and written all styles of music, from country to rock to pop to soul. She has a little sprinkle of every musical color running through her veins. More often than not, you'll find Glitter performing solo, but she truly shines when accompanied by fellow creatives.

 Glitter is an artist reborn. Born in California,  raised in Texas, she is taking a fresh approach to her  years of experience in the indie music communities in both  Dallas and Los Angeles. For Glitter, it's about getting back to basics. Writing, performing, and sharing a  new music adventure with the world, piece by piece. As her musical story grows,  so will your love for it.      

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by Mike Nelson