An 80’s baby born in the Mojave Desert and raised in North Texas, Glitter pulls inspiration from every era. Formerly known as the southern rocker Glitter Rose, her songwriting has always had a unique and original sound that has never fit into any molds. Her journey up until now was influenced by managers, mentors and former friends, that weren’t giving Glitter the room to be her true self. The latest from Glitter is just that, Glitter. 

Delightful and honest, she let this indie pop rock project build itself. Now a seasoned artist and in charge of her own destiny, she teamed up with bandmates David Crandall and Mac Bain to record her 4 song EP. The EP released in November 2022, and Glitter closed the year landing on 3 “Best Of” lists, including Top 10 Music Videos by a North Texas Artist, Top 10 Live Music Photos by Photo Journalist Jessica Waffles, and the Best Songs of 2022 voted by listeners on KXT 91.7, Pretend Love snagging #27.

Produced by John Dufilho and Salim Nourallah, this group of songs is an edgy and cute take on the realness of life. Glitter continues the lyrical theme of strong messages, paired with catchy melodies and stripped down vibes giving this modern retro music mash a sound that is refreshing and bright. 

Glitter is a music scene veteran, beginning her journey at age 12. After living in Los Angeles for 9 years, now in her 30’s and thriving, she is happy to work closely with her Dallas community as Program Director for Premier Martial Arts Lakewood, as well as hosting and booking Songwriters in the Round at Opening Bell Coffee monthly.

Photo by Jaziel Leija